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SELIT products and solutions find natural and wide application in all areas where it is required a high-bandwidth wireless connectivity and high-capacity data transport, both in indoor and outdoor environment, from CPE equipment,  point-to-point connection up to Wireless infrastructures for large areas. 

These are some of the markets where our solutions are typically and conveniently applicable:

  • Wireless Internet Service Provider
  • Interbuilding Wireless connectivity 
  • Long range Wireless Backhauls 
  • Wireless automation: telemetry,telecontrol etc.
  • Security and Videosurvillance
  • Voice over IP - VoIP
  • Rural connectivity (Internet and  Telefony)
  • Hotspot
  • Metro Mesh Networks
  • E-Govenrnment and Pubblic security
  • Wireless solutions for Public Services
  • Wireless solutions for School and Education
  • Wireless solutions for  Healt and Wellness

Years of experience in wireless data connections makes SELIT an industry leader in providing wireless equipment on unlicensed bands. SELIT currently manufactures and supplies equipment to hundreds of Wireless ISPs, organizations and companies throughout Italy and abroad.