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"Wireless Evolution" Selit & Radwin Event

October 20th, 2015 in Bastia Umbria

02 ottobre 2015

Wireless world evolves continuously. WISPs have to face new challenges in order to provide services aligned with market demands. Mobile applications require bandwidth and service reliability.

Selit and Radwin will address these issues introducing the new Radwin solutions featuring the beamforming technology for fixed and mobility applications.

Join us in discovering the evolution of RADWIN wireless systems:

          1. Base Stations with Variable Lobe Smart Antenna (Beamforming)
          2. Up to 250Mbps on a 90° sector, 1Gbps on 4 sectors with only two frequencies
          3. Multifrequency radio 3.3-3.8Ghz e 5.1-5.8Ghz
          4. Interference cancellation with arrays of narrow beam antennas
          5. Guaranteed SLA to the end user
          6. Low profile and size IP67 Antenna

We are waiting you!