• Networking Services


SELIT, in addition to a full range of products of Routing and Wireless Connectivity, offers a series of advanced services for wired and wireless networks aimed at the design and implementation, optimization and monitoring of equipments data and infrastructures.

Consulting services for Networking:

  • Design or redevelopment of wired and wireless networks.
  • Redundancy of links and network devices at Layer 2 or Layer 3, optimization of routing protocols.
  • Traffic shaping and QoS, analysis of traffic flows and the bottleneck, Installation and configuration of ISP services such as caching and authoritative DNS, DHCP and Radius, email servers in HA, WEB server for hosting services.
  • Active and passive monitoring systems, centralized management of alarms and forwarding by web, email or SMS.
  • Trouble Ticketing systems for internal use and for customer support.
  • Centralized collection of logs, backup configurations of network devices and systems.
  • Infrastructures for the installation and management of wireless hotspots.

Consulting services for Companies:

  • Management and structuring of business networks LANs and geographic WANs multisite, VPN connections between remote LANs.
  • Network security, installation and configuration of high reliability firewall, physical and logical separation of networks through routing and VLAN.
  • IEEE 802.1x authentication for wireless connections and / or wired, advanced management of users and their access levels.
  • Organization and rationalization of infrastructure, monitoring and testing of IT components.
  • Virtualization and hardening of business systems, reducing energy costs and hardware management saving.